Ebay screw up

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Yard Art

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Post Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:28 am

Ebay screw up

Wylie sent me a message that there were window channels on eBay. ( I need the drivers side) Found the listing with a hour & 15 mins to go. Went out in the garage & farted around & forgot. Told the wife to call me in hour, Well you know how that went. Still love her. This happens when two seniors tell one another to remind me. We have 4 girls & she tells me I'm the boy she never had.

Still looking for the driver side & a regulator

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Yard Art
Yard Art

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Post Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:59 am

Re: Ebay screw up

Yup, been there, done that. It's one thing to get outbid, but rather annoying to lose because I got distracted and forgot to follow up in time. I finally signed up on gixen.com. It will post your bid at the last minute to keep from driving the price up, and you can set up your bid ahead of time and then ignore it until later. Ebay will email you if you win.
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Golden Jubilee

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Re: Ebay screw up

Awe..bummer. Sorry about that.
What I do is, go to ebay, type in International KB parts, search. Then bookmark that page and just check in from time to time.

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Golden Jubilee

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Re: Ebay screw up

Another eBay thingee.
I was the only bidder on a MAC pawl drive air ratchet. I watched the bidding close. A day later the seller contacted me to say he cannot send my ratchet because there had been a fire and the warehouse had burned down. Really? I called the Mississauga, Ontario fire department. I explained my reason for calling and asked it there had been a warehouse fire on the weekend. I was told the department had a very slow week and the weekend did not have a call out for any fire. I then called the eBay customer service and explained my situation. eBay emailed me back and thanked me for my information. The email said my ratchet will be in the mail and should arrive in a few days.
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Re: Ebay screw up

go to completed auctions, if they didn't sell, see if it's been relisted, if not, click contact seller and ask them if they plan to relist
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Re: Ebay screw up

Haven't bought anything on Ebay for a while, but when I did I would just enter my maximum bid right away. That way if I wasn't there when it ended I would still be OK as long as no one overbid. And even if they did I was still OK because I had already put in the maximum amount I was willing to pay!

Now days most of the stuff is a "Buy it now" deal. Been a long time since I actually bid on something.

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