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Scout Newbie

I just bought, for better or worse, a 1961 Scout. It is in, I believe, in good running condition, but rust is going to be an issue. Looking for any input anyone wants to offer. I usually haunt this site on the pre 40s, KB and LRS sections.- Stickman 207

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Re: Scout Newbie

What little I have been around them, rust and axles are weak link, both are easy to check out.

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Re: Scout Newbie

My friend Rod McDonnell in Hope, BC operates SCOUT PLUSS. Scout Pluss is the place for body and some mechanical parts.
Remember this, an American dollar buys $1.30 in Canadian funds, today.
There is a man in this area who has over 100 IH Scouts, left. He appears to be a hoarder of Scouts. Very few if any are for sale. He told me that he had 40-50 Scouts hauled to the scrapper after the Scouts sat outside for a few decades and became rusted scrap. The remaining Scouts are housed in what used to be chicken barns. Scout Pluss may be the only business that is allowed on the property.
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