Attaching L series knobs

IHC in the early to mid-fifties.

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Attaching L series knobs

I am in the process of attaching the original L series dash knobs to new switches,I have been successful on the push pull cables and the headlight switch, but the wiper switch’s shaft is too short to attach the know. What would be my options here other than purchasing a Nother new switch with longer shaft ?
And I must say without input from this website I would’ve never figured out how to get those knobs on and off .......



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Re: Attaching L series knobs

I found the same thing when using a new electric wiper switch. The shaft is about 1/8” shorter than the original. The knob won’t seat correctly because the shaft must be supported internally for the spring to keep it set. No easy solution I could find. However, if you have some 3/16” steel rod you could disassemble the new switch and make a longer shaft. Tinkering will be required. I was headed that direction but found a good original switch at a wrecking yard for $5. Cleaned up nice.

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Re: Attaching L series knobs

I installed a
10/32 riv- nut in the knob then put 10/32 threads on the switch shaft. I applied some red Lock Tight threads . You will need to hold the shaft with a small Vice Grip to avoid damage from
The switch, while you are threading.
I have an extra knob with a riv-nut installed. If I can find it, I will post a picture later.
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