Overheating Help?

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Post Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:38 am

Re: Overheating Help?

You are blocking off most of the air flow with all that sheet metal,

Gate all that out of there and make a simpler bracket system
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Re: Overheating Help?

As others mentioned, that fan is wayyyyy too small. I have one of the "cheap" aluminum radiators in my truck with nothing but the factory fan. It fit perfect and the thing never even tries to run hot. Could also be a good option for you. See if you can fit 2 small fans on the radiator if one large one isn't an option. The fans should be mounted right on the radiator with a minimal distance between the two.
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Re: Overheating Help?

Is that fan turning the correct direction? I would guess that fan blade is not bi-directional. This could be a BJ gone wrong.
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Re: Overheating Help?

Pitch and sweep shape of the blades appear that the fan is turning the wrong direction. Doubtful if fan would turn in the direction with the pointed end leading the way. Looks as though it would try to suck air from the engine to the grille.

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Re: Overheating Help?

brianz wrote:Got about 3 inches of clearance water pump to OEM radiator.

Does anyone have a link to a radiator/fan until that will fit in the grill without a lot of fabrication?

If you use two fans and offset them so they aren't close to the water pump you might have enough room to install fans in the engine compartment. Usually it's the water pump that is closest to the radiator and there is more room to each side.

There are also aftermarket fans that have a very slim design. Also the motor of the fan usually stick out the most. If you offset the fan to one side you should be able to find a fan where the blades are able to fit between the rad and your water pump.

I would measure the size of your rad and go to a local pick a part and see what you can find that would fit. You should be able to pick out a dual fan setup from a vehicle that includes the shroud and all. From there mounting would be easy.

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