spark plug wires

IHC in the early to mid-fifties.


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spark plug wires

Trying to find out what type of plug wires were installed on 240 bd in 1956,1957, and the color of them..someone said that they used some type of cloth shielding,,,I need help on this THANKS

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Re: spark plug wires

If the ignition system is original, I would recommend using solid core spark wire. The original color was most likely black. If I got the wire type wrong, CB89 will very likely correct me.
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Re: spark plug wires

I am pretty certain my 56 S132 had the original wires and ignition parts when I got it.

Black wires, solid core, 6V coil, positive ground.

So, no cloth. You can buy universal wire sets and make them to length (standard 608W is what I use)

Just for good measure, I like to solder the wires to the end pieces. You don't have to, but I did. Be careful on the coil end, if the wire protrudes then it will not fit into the coil.
Spark plug wire lengths.jpg
Spark Plug wire lengths BD 220, 240
Standard 608W.jpg
Standard Wire Set for BD 220, 240
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