Start up issues

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Start up issues

Starting my truck latley takes a little cranking to get the fuel up . After inital start up , if needed restart if pretty easy ,untill I've been driving a bit and things are warmed up . Then it takes a bit of cranking to get it back up and running , but runs fine . After inital start up it would restart easy for however long I drove it , I don't understand the change , could it be the condenser ? I don't think that it is a gas problem , and my understanding of a coil is that it's either good or bad . When I look at the points when it's going on , it seems like a lesser of a spark that I've seen at times . Also , when I start up the horn works OK but after warm up , not . This may be just tuning the horn but thought I would mention it . Thanks

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Re: Start up issues

A coil can fail when hot and work well when cold. This is a common problem if a 6 volt coil is being used on 12 volts with a resistor, it doesn't make it a 12 volt coil! use the correct one. If it is a spark issue you should be able to see that when cranking hot, no or weak spark.
You problems do sound like a fuel issue, but may be not. Pull the air cleaner when it doesn't fire hot and work the throttle and look for fuel from the accel pump. if no fuel or only one shot, than you have a fuel issue. 1st thing I would do would be to replace the fuel line if not new.
On my K's they will re-start easly if not sitting for a long time, if sitting for a week or more the gas evaporates and the system needs to be primed. MM would say put an electric pump on, and that is one way to deal with a fuel problem, but not if the lines leak!
If points or condenser are suspect, than it is a cheap bet to just replace them. If you have no idea what coil is on the truck, then install the correct one for the voltage the truck system is running. Most 6 volt coils are non external ballasted, so no resistor, 12 volt coils can be internal (no resistor) or external with resistor. make sure you are useing the right resistor for the coil if it requires one.
Also, on a hot soak (shut down hot and allowed to sit) the gas in the carb can boil from heat and flood the engine.
What is the voltage when running and again when cranking?

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