My '89 9670 build

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Re: My '89 9670 build

I'm glad you got it back on the road! Thanks for allowing us to follow along.

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Re: My '89 9670 build

It wasn't a smooth come back. After running it around the area bobtail and with an empty trailer for400 miles, the fuel pump locked up with in a mile of putting the 1st load on it. That cost me more than twice what I paid for the engine!
Still shaking the bugs out of it. Any new (used) truck I buy takes me 3-4 years to bring it up to snuff, and work out all the problems the last owner ignored.
This one wasn't new to me, but working it hard as a heavy hauler than letting it sit for more than 10 year have taken their toll.
I still need to replace the cab jack, add an Espar heater and hooking up a fuel heater, before the cold weather sets in.
It looks like the other guys insurance is going to fix my little cabover, once it is back in good shape, I will likely sell it to pay for the work needed on the Marmon. I'll be sad to see it go, but I don't really need 3 running trucks1 It is the least comfortable of my trucks, having the smallest sleeper and 4 spring suspension.
It would make a good truck for a farmer, simple and reliable and lightweight.

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