Post Thu May 10, 2018 1:48 pm

Re: My '89 9670 build

I must be getting close, cause I allowed myself to order a set of steer tires. Back when I did heavy haul, I beefed up the front end, with 16K front springs and 6 spoke cast wheels. With this cabver and my Marmon they are "nose heavy" so I use Motor coach steer tires. They are the some footprint as a Std 11 r 22.5 but can carry 7800 per tire or better (some go over 8000lbs/tire). They require a nine inch extra capacity rim (a std rim is only good for 7400 lbs).
The down side is not many places stock them, so I have to order when I need them. That is where the match to an 11 r 22.5 come in handy. If need be you can use a 11 22.5 next to or across the steer axle from these tires, but with reduce load.
They are popular in Europe, where heavier axle weight are allowed.