Post Wed Jun 24, 2020 4:23 pm

Valve Seals

Reassembling my cylinder head, and my Fel Pro kit came with two styles of valve seals. It has conventional and umbrella style seals (photo attached). I don't recall what kind of seals were installed when I disassembled the head, though I am leaning towards the conventional type seals as being those installed. My parts book also shows conventional type seals, but my maintenance manual depicts an umbrella style seal. My maintenance manual is a revised section A, and states that it is for engine serial numbers 6xxxxx and up. My engine serial number starts with 5, so this picture in the manual may not apply to my engine.
I guess what I am asking for is insight on what seals to use.... I recall modifying small block chevys to accept umbrella seals because they worked better, but not sure what to do with an IHC engine.

Thanks for the help!

Valve Seals.jpg
Valve Seal.jpg