Fiber Fenders Etc

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Fiber Fenders Etc

I was looking around and was not aware fiberglass fenders/grills are available in Canada. ... 1175996077

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Re: Fiber Fenders Etc

That 50-52 L series fender is definitely not like the original sheet metal ones

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Re: Fiber Fenders Etc

My friend Rod, at and I have talked about the logistics of getting L and R fenders made in fiberglass. I have perfect fenders that good molds could be taken from. The cost of getting this reproduction is going will be expensive. I found a local hot tub shop that is willing to spray our molds for us. This will save a bunch of expensive start-up and set-up when the tub maker owns the infrastructure and environmental stuff.
The one thing that is keeping us from starting this fender business is having to deal with persons who do not want to spend and money. I understand, but I do not have an appreciation for persons who have some notion that their barn-find was only $100 so the parts should be equally low priced. If we do this it will some combination of love for the brand and an opportunity to make some money. After considering all of the possibilities, of failure and success, we have shelved the idea.
We talked about price after considering the cost of having the fenders made in our molds. I do not think there will be much of a margin to make-a-buck at $400cdn for a fender. I am thinking that making fiberglass fenders will become a better option as the cost of a good steal fender continues to rise. As original good sheetmetal parts get used up, the asking prices for OEM will rise again.
We have lots of really good fenders in storage and I cannot get $200 for one fender. So, nothing is for sale.
In November, I talked to RJ at Outback IHC Parts about his business buying everything I have that is IHC.
I am running out time and interest. Birthdays accumulate and do this.
BTW: I know the pictures may be poor quality, but, the L&R fenders do not look like pick-up units. I will pass on making an further comment.
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Re: Fiber Fenders Etc

That fender looks like one for a cabover truck.

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