Gas tank

IHC in the early to mid-fifties.

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Re: Gas tank

DennyC wrote:I just shipped mine last week by Fedex to Moyer Fuel Tank Renu in Greensburg, PA ( they are part of a nationwide franchise that uses the same process. They cut the tank apart, sandblast it inside and out, and seal it inside and out. Here is their instructions for shipping.

"Wash it out with a degreasing detergent like Dawn for dishes. If you have trouble removing the gasoline, punch a small hole in one corner to drain the tank. Let the tank dry completely. Put into a large garbage or leaf bag and seal with tape."

They say a typical price is between 295 and 395 dollars. They have not given me a quote yet on my tank.

What did Fedex say when you told them it was a used gas tank you were shipping?
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Re: Gas tank

Fedex never asked what I was shipping. Still, the address I was sending it to SHOULD have been a tipoff: Moyer Fuel Tank Renu.

I think the key is zero odors. There was very little odor left after I washed it out and let it dry a few days. Once it it was sealed up in the trash bag there was no odor at all, so it became just another metal car part.


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Re: Gas tank

lbesq wrote:OP should be good, I will be going by his place and delivering a correct size tank. The joys of being retired and on the road. New country to See!

Lloyd and his wife Sandy did in fact drop off the tank last night. It was indeed a pleasure getting to meet them and spend the evening with them. Truly fine people!! Not everyone would go that far out of their way for someone they had never even met!!
Many thanks!!
Looking forward to getting the tank installed later on this summer.

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Re: Gas tank

It was a pleasure to Meet you Both, and Thank you for Supper! Hopefully that tank will get you back on the road. Thank you for showing me all your treasures.

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