Gas tank repair

IHC in the early to mid-fifties.

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Gas tank repair

I'm having the gas tank repaired on my 53 R110. I need to put new webbing between the tank and support. Any one have any suggestions for a product that will not promote rust?This is my daily driver so it's out in a kinds of weather. Thanks
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Re: Gas tank repair

I'm wondering about that as well. My current thought is to use a piece of rubber, and maybe spread a little silicone sealer on it before setting the tank back on. The last one I did, I just used the same canvas webbing that IH used, and I suppose if you think about it, if it leaks again in 60 years, I probably won't care too much.

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Re: Gas tank repair ... 77&bih=744
This is what I like to use. These buttons easily support the fuel tank and isolate it from the "L" brackets. The tank does not need a full contact strap. These buttons are less likely to hold moisture. You will need two for each strut.
I had an extra set of 1940 Ford, body to frame rubber isolator buttons from Bob Drake Reproductions.
Silicone sealer is slightly acidic and will promote corrosion on bare metal surfaces
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Re: Gas tank repair

How about tank straps? Does anyone know where to get replacements? When I got my L the tank was already taken out because it had a few pinholes. I have since been able to find an original tank that I'd like to put in but need new straps. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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