Post Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:48 am

Update - SD220 starting on own

If you recall I was having issues with my newly rebuilt SD220. The motor felt tighter than what I thought it should be, it wouldn't turn over, and when I pull started it got hot.

Per a lengthy discussion with the builder (not a backyard buddy like previously mentioned. He builds racing engines.) he assured me to pull start it and put a few miles on it and the drag on the rear main seal would free up. I did that, and yes the engine spins easier now. After adjusting points and timing, it runs really well overall.

As far as getting hot, I had plenty of help when putting her back together and wasn't part of the thermostat install. It wasn't backwards, but they put the retaining ring in before the thermostat and it must have been twisted a bit causing it to bind up. I pull the thermostat and put back together correctly and it hasn't got hot again. Thermostat was sticking.

Last night I pulled the starter and scraped the paint off the mating surface on starter and bell housing. Then I ran a 2/0 cable from the starter bolt to positive ground post on battery. Truck turns over like a champ now, starts very easily and runs well. Only took me a couple months to get around to doing that but I was extremely happy last night when she spun right over.