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Pistons Update

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:21 am
by nrowles
After talking to a dozen different places that couldn't help I was getting ready to pull the trigger on a substantial fee to forge pistons. I literally made my last call to The Piston Guy to see if he could find anything. He is a "middle man" that works with many different manufacturers. Within a couple days he had me 2 different quotes with reputable piston manufacturers and I placed the order with him for forged pistons about 60% of the other quote I had. I put his info in the parts link for anybody else that needs pistons. Even though he's a middle man the cost was very reasonable and he did all the leg work to get me the best deal.

Re: Pistons Update

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:24 pm
by kevin
That's amazing, now if anyone goes that way they have an options.