Post Sat Jul 27, 2019 7:43 pm

Any interest in an S-series grille?

My family decided to sell the property where my dad and granddad ran their garage. Buyer doesn't want any of the contents of the building, and while grabbing some things that were important to me, I found the grille from a '57 S-110. I remember a dent was repaired and it was painted white, but it apparently got some red overspray on it...along with about 25 years of dust.

No idea what it might cost to ship. I'll be posting a photo in the FOR SALE section next week. But I want to give the OldIHC gang first chance at it. Haven't set a price yet, but I'm not planning my retirement around it like some eBay sellers seem to be doing on International truck parts. So this is just advance notice to see if anyone's interested. (No, I'm not sure where the park lamps ended up; if I find them, I'll consider making a package deal.)
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