1956 S120 4x4 drum stuck

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1956 S120 4x4 drum stuck

I have two questions. I have a 1956 S120 4x4 that I just got. The right rear drum is stuck and will not move. I am assuming that it is the stuck brake shoes since I removed the driveshaft and the other wheel spins free. I am wondering what is involved in getting the hub/drum off? Also any recommendations on a service manual?

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Re: 1956 S120 4x4 drum stuck

Back the adjusters for the shoes all the way off. If you have the axle shaft out, removed the spindle nuts and outer wheel bearing then the drum should come off. If you have got to this point and the drum still won't come off then the shoes are stuck on the drums or not clearing the wear ridges at the outer edge of the drums. At this point the brake shoes are not salvageable so I'd spray a little Kroil or PB Blaster in there, let them soak and try some careful prying to get the drum off. The Drum is cast iron so you do not want to pry too hard on it or you will break it but in most cases this will work. If it doesn't then I would be looking at using a puller that would exert more even force on the drum to get it off. Chiseling the back of the shoe retainers off on the back side of the drums will help as it will allow the shoe to come out with the drum.
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56 S120 4x4,
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Re: 1956 S120 4x4 drum stuck

adjust shoes All the way in, drum and hub are a unit, do not try to pull drum off of hub, those drum are unobtainium if you mess it up, remove bearing and take drum/hub off together,
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