Post Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:52 pm

KB 6 rear wheel lock washers

Glad to have a place to ask questions again , how's everyone doing ? I am putting the rear axels in and before I do I need to bend the tab on the lock washer . I had had a hard time doing this before and ended up using a torch to heat the ear to bend it out . I had put the washer on so the pre-bent tabs were on the inside nut ,and the un-bent tabs had to be bent out to hold the outside nut , but it dawned on me that if I put the washer on so that the pre bent tabs are facing out and capture the outside nut then the unbent tabs on the washer can be driven in easily with a punch to capture the inside nut . By the way there if a nice KBS-6 on Craigs list Wash DC look under 48 international , he has come down from 2900 to 1595 its prettymuch all there and I have heard it run , has a 4-speed a 250 bld and a 6.33 split rear comes with a rolling chasis that has a set of daytons on it with new rubber , but no brake drums .