Ford Explorer 8.8 3.55 to K1 axle swap

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Re: Ford Explorer 8.8 3.55 to K1 axle swap

nikkinutshop wrote:Standard U-joints. The transmission is a Ford C4, not seen in the picture. What you see is a Gearvendors overdrive. How many kilometers? About two kilometers. The Ford has not left the neighbourhood.
In your mind, picture the off-set in vertical rather than horizontal. Then it becomes easier to not think of it as a problem. Thousands of these 8.8s have been repurposed and never give a problem. One of the mechanics I worked with put an 8.8 in his 1956 Mercury pickup. He has been driving it since before I retired 15 years ago.
I cannot easily see the picture on my smartphone, but I can drag it to a larger size on my touch-screen desktop.
If you need more information, the guys at Inland Empire, , might help you. Ask your questions as if you are a prospective customer.

Why the C4 with a standalone overdrive instead of an AOD or EOD?

Which engine is the C4 paired with?
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Re: Ford Explorer 8.8 3.55 to K1 axle swap

The C4 is adapted to a Ford C69A V8.
Gear Vendors offer the long C4 adapter to fit through the frame of an old Ford. I was not willing to cut the frame or the body. There are two C4 styles. The C4 I used has the dipstick in the body of the automatic.
There are adapter kits to fit an OD automatic to the C69A but the C4 is the only automatic that fits into the uncut space of my car..
GV make a divorced ( stand alone) kit for their OD, this is not one of those situations.
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