KB3 Leaf springs

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Re: KB3 Leaf springs

Speaking about leaf springs:
1. I need some input from you folks. I have a KB1 with what appear to be original springs. One set of springs in the rear has the alignment brackets broken off. Can these be replaced ?

2. The front springs look good but are rusty between leafs. Is it a good or OK practice to lubricate in between ?

3. Is there any maintenance that needs to be done to the old knee arm shock absorbers ?

Thanks all,
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Re: KB3 Leaf springs

Has anyone tried to source springs from another rig? Had any luck? There has to be something out there that's close enough to make it work with minimum modification.
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Re: KB3 Leaf springs

Measure your width, then look for something with the length. Some trailer places have parts that fit the width on these. Are your springs gone or bad, and if bad, how?

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Re: KB3 Leaf springs

There is lots of engineering into making a spring. Looks like, may not be just right. When I decided to change the spring-rate and spring pack size on my L110, I went to a spring shop. The shop asked for the static load and my expected axle travel distance.
I explained that I wanted a reduced spring pack with enough spring pieces left to control the transverse movement of the axles. Each axle will have a Pan-Hard https://youtu.be/V44gtbsGiAE or Watts link control. https://youtu.be/xWl3Cd7edgM. The main load carry would be from a Holland-Neway control valves linked to air springs and the axles. I want one leveling valve in the front and one leveling valve for each side, left and right, on the rear axle.
The spring shop said they checked each spring leaf for corrosion pitting then picked the best to make a set. The OEM spring components were re-tempered and arched. Each spring set had fewer leaves after the rebuild.
I will be using ENERGY SUSPENSION bushings for more spring control of "roll-over" of the springs.
Because the original spring perch pins were is terrible condition, I bored them, from them out from the back and made replacements. I made two styles of perch pin, external and internal thread.
All of this to say, get some help from a spring shop. Have a good look at the spring perches and check for damage. Do not reuse the spring "U" bolts. New "U" bolts are not expensive and the margin of safety improvement is important. Do not ignore the center bolt. It controls the axle location in relation to the spring.
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