Kb7 brakes

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Re: Kb7 brakes

bedrockjon wrote:
cornbinder89 wrote:Either K-6 or K-7 cyl will fit, the -6's are a lttle smaller, but what was fitted depended on the GVW that was spec'd and the time of Mfg. Either will work and unless you run heavy all the time will stop just fine. I had 5 ton on the bed of my K-7 with the smaller cyl and had no trouble stopping, MY other -7 with the bigger brakes has a GVW of 21K and I don't notice a differance.
Use whatever you can find!

again cornbinder these larger wheel cylinders I offered will NOT fit a KB-6, we went thru this before, they would not bolt on my truck that is why I got the other set,
I'm sure I could've made em work with a torch and a lot of drilling, but,,,,
the wheel cylinders I have and listed part numbers for may fit a KB-7, but he needs to check the casting #s.

so, either will work is not a correct thing to tell this guy or anyone.

Ok, But I don't know what is different between yours and mine, as I have one -7 with the smaller cyl and one -7 with the larger and both have the same shoes. I accecpt that you could not fit them, but not sure what is differnet between your set-up and mine. Could you have -5 cly? Or may be the early run of -7 used a uinque cyl with a smaller bore but otherwise identiacl to the later -7, all I know is that one uses a 11/16 bore on the small side and the other uses a 3/4" both the big sides are different also but can't remember the size.
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Re: Kb7 brakes

Mtjohn wrote:Work has me busy right now will finnish tearing the rear apart probably Sunday. Thanks for the input and we will see when I get the rears apart. At this time I really am not doing a full correct resto just trying to get it functional and working. That being said I don not know if I want to cut and adapt to much if not needed. Although looking at 650 price I might get real creative. Being the cheapskate that I am I am pondering doing the resleeve myself if I can find kits. Will post again when get rears off and know what I have. Thanks again for the ideas.

Hi mtjohn, I was just commenting on the Pat Walsh's offer to me of $650 a piece to find em for me,

I found em myself,
if these wheel cylinders I listed the part numbers for will work for you $125 a piece? cheaper than having them sleeved, I know that.
check your casting #s.
if you have the smaller one like I did, then can't help you,
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