Glass channel, swap meet

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Glass channel, swap meet

Sacramento swap meet.Bought some window channel that fits on the window regalator. He said that it off a mid forties ford. The channel looks like the IHC Kb1 channel. Got it home removed the glass some wire wheel work and grease & it fits & works great. This is the piece with the 2 holes & slides on the bottom of the glass channel. I guess Ihc & Ford And who know who else must of out sourse this item. Not bad for 15 bucks. Tried to take a pictures, File to big ??? 512 KiB Max ???


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Re: Glass channel, swap meet

Shrink the pictures in something like "paint" for windows or similar product, probably around 40% should work, experiment for your best results. Save results in a different file so you still have original. Yes pictures are limited to 512KiB.

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Re: Glass channel, swap meet

The IHC window regulators were made by a Ford company. The gear pitch on IHC was the same as the Ford Model T through to the Fox Mustang.
I installed power windows in my R120. I fitted Fox body Mustang electric window motors to the R120 regulators. I used the modular Mustang windows harness and switches. Easy stuff. .
R120 power windows and locks and AC.jpg
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