Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Brackets

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Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Brackets

I am looking for a pair (front bracket and rear bracket) of the rear leaf spring hanger brackets that would have been installed on a 1941 K2, as shown below.




The front bracket is riveted to the frame and a crossmember but is otherwise simple in design. The rear bracket (shackle mount) appears to be bolted to the frame and is extremely simple in design.

As I approach my project, I intend to fabricate new leaf spring hanger brackets to accommodate wider springs and would like to use the existing brackets as a basis of design but am unable to remove mine at the moment without compromising the rolling chassis. I hope to be able to pull together a "kit" which would include designs that could be shared with a local machine shop for fabrication as well as part numbers for a new hanger, bushings and other needed hardware.

Has anyone been down this road before? No reason for me to re-invent the wheel if it's already been done.

I am happy to pay for the brackets if someone has a set they can remove or have removed in place of another rear suspension design.
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Re: Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Brackets

You have what you need to copy to make new spring hangers. Don't get too hung up on the original design, but, use it a s a guide-line.
I built new spring hanger/brackets for my L110. The "L" brackets are more complicated, but still easy to replicate.
If this were mu truck, I would be removing the brackets before moving on to the next step. The riveted brackets can be removed by drilling the rivets out. Center punch then drill with a .125" bit for a pilot hole. I suspect the rivets are 7/16". I removed all of the spring hanger rivets on out L110. I will be re-fastening the brackets with 7?16" grade 8, fine thread bolts.
I will post a few pictures. I doubt this will help you very much.
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Re: Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Brackets

I have NOS for front axle, not rear axle
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