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Gotham Garage

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:22 pm
by K Effective
Netflix body shop/custom garage show, based on trading completed vehicles for the next project, with the goal to trade up to a big payday. I find it to be one of the least annoying shows of it's genre, no"reality" fights and few self-imposed deadlines. No sign of an IH truck until the one I watched this morning- the shop owner finds a super-rare 1955 Lincoln concept car to restore for a national show, and he feels the need to have a suitable 1950's COE truck to deliver the car to the show. In a previous episode, they accept the cab of a 1954 IH Cab-over as partial trade for a vehicle. The crew builds a 1994 Chevy crew cab dually with the IH cab mounted to it as a car hauler, like the truck his father drove back in the day. As usual, not nearly enough time is spent on the actual build, but they do show some of the common issues of a conversion. There is one glaring misstep taken that could lead an IH fan to be turned off, unfortunately. The engine builder of the crew would be quite distracting to work with. I think this is the seventh episode of the series.

Re: Gotham Garage

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:03 pm
by nikkinutshop
Constance Nunes is so beautiful. It is possible to find her is various states of undress if a person asks Google to have a look for specific details.
I am not a "reality" show watcher. I have watched the reality show, Highway Through Hell. While this videos are edited to fit into the time allowed, the facts of the dangerous driving and resulting carnage are real. My daughter visited with Jamie Davis Towing and bought a Baseball Cap for my Christmas gift. JD told her that the worst of the carnage in the Coquahalla Pass is too graphic for TV and edited out.
One of the original member of this forum lives at the top of the Coquahalla Pass. He says it is the unprepared city drivers that cause most of the grief.
I took about 22,000 pictures of our 1940 Ford build-up. I do not have any idea of how I could take video, edit and make it interesting enough for You Tube. If a person is interested in watching anything machine shop oriented on You Tube, Give Adam Booth aka Abomb79 a try. This guy has some of the best videos and he is a natural.