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hub puller

This is a home-made hub puller. Total expenditure 8 dollars for the chunk of threaded rod (I already had the chain, washers/nuts, short section of old pipe, and threaded chain links in my garage). I just had to sharpen the threaded rod on the grinder and attach nut to the top with a drilled hole and roll pin. and no welding required if you dont have access to a welder at the moment.

it can take 3 or 4 pieces of chain to accomodate different bolt patten, and length is easily adjusted by moving the location of the threaded links on the ends of the chains

Only thing is it takes 2 wrenches rather than one to use, but so what. I wasnt going to spend $150 on something I could make for less than $10

Also, with 3 padded hooks like the ones shown in the last picture (attached with the threaded links) I also used it to pull my steering wheel




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Re: hub puller

Good thinking. I like that.
I would rather have tools I do not need than to need tools I do not have

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