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Re: Removal Tool

I didn't want the pic's for myself,It was a suggestion so others could see your "yankee ingenuity" for themselves.

I "invented" a few things for my workshop,mostly woodworking stuff. I learned a few things after looking into applying for patents. It's expensive,The US Patent Office requires a "deposit" which is non-refundable even if you're denied. :t2102: 15 or so years ago it was $600.00.!
Those outfits that help you are rip offs, at the time I looked into them $1500.00 was the base fee. :t3717:

There is a way to "protect" an invention I found out about.
Blueprint everything (be sure to date it all) and make copies,then mail a copy to yourself and leave it unopened. If you have a lawyer give them a copy plus an unopened one mailed to them.
This will give you the opportunity to challenge anything that may come out after the date on yours.
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Re: Removal Tool

I have always heard that about mailing it to the post office but never thought anything I came up with was worth the effort. I needed something different for the wiper switch and I borrowed what nikkinutshop said about using junk sockets. Here are some pics for the good of the cause.



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