Dayton Wheel Puller

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Dayton Wheel Puller

So I needed to pull Dayton wheel off the hub. I couldn't tell you how many decades the two had been married.
Now I'm not afraid of getting down and pounding the H E Double Toothpicks out of something and went about doing just that. It wasn't budging and the thought occurred to me I have 5 more tires to take off at some point.
I was going to make a puller without going all out I made do with what I had on hand.
Yeah it looks unrefined and crude but not as crude as laying the ground with a BFH and going nuts. :)

You would make 3 of these. Pull 3 every other stubs out of the dayton hub.
Replace the studs with the threaded rod. Place the T on the inside of the wheel with one washer up against the rim and other washer hooked to the outside of rim. Spin the rods somewhat evenly and watch the wheel come off like magic you make you look like a bigshot.

1/2 threaded rod
1/2 T
two 1/2 nipples(one cut in half.
two 7/8th washers
1/2 nuts. In the photo you can see I welded two nuts together but you can use a coupling nut and reason why it to nut strip out the rod and turn the nuts.


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Re: Dayton Wheel Puller

Too much work for me! I had an inner that had rusted on the hub so tight, even with the outer and spacer band removed, I could drive around and do circles and it still wouldn't pop free. A bottle jack placed against the opposite wheel and a solid bar over to the stuck one, and it popped right off with a couple of pumps on the jack.
I try not to remove the studs on a spoke wheel as they are easy to snap and hard to repair.
I like your thought process, however. No doubt it works well even if it looks cobbled together.

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