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Engine Painting Tip

I want to repost this here as I know it can be beneficial for those that may want to paint their engine in place
as well as during rebuild out of the bay.. You must start by cleaning all engine surfaces , I used simple green, hot water and a
scrub brush.
The ceramic paint I used and applied years ago has held up with over 2500 hundred miles of driving.
Including the exhaust cermaic coated white manifold.. The trick is to apply with a brush - several coats - I spray the can out
* In a well ventilated area * into to a cup small amounts at a time and using a throw away brush paint away,
I applied four coats to the manifold. Extremely heat resistant. Tuff stuff for sure

The exhaust shows a bit of yellow from the heat , but the thick
coating of white ceramic is holding up very well..
The blue green color ceramic is tuff to beat..
I just wipe with a rag from time to time to keep it looking sharp :)

Happy New Year

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