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Re: Build on a budget R120

Once again... this place rocks! So much great feedback! I really want seat belts but I have measured the seats I have accesses to and they will all be to big for my rig. The BMW seats are definitely something I want to look into but at the moment I'm already haemorrhaging cash for this build I that wasn't prepared to do yet. The Rona and a few other circumstances in my life made the TIMING right but the credit card come out. My 1980 Bronco rear seat will do a fine job for the time being. Lap bets are better than none at all. I'm within a couple days of painting the cab and getting glass put back in. Might be a couple weeks before it actually happens due to wait time at the glass shop but that gives me time to put motor back in, run lines, start wiring, ect. My philosophy at this point is "make it go now, perfect it later" The itch I have right now to cruze in this old girl is too strong to wait till I could make everything perfect in one run. Besides, It's born to be a **** farm truck. That was what it was built for in 54. That is a major reason why I love it. Tough yet pretty. It's not meant to be perfect, she should have some rough edges here and there "metaphorically speaking" I Can't go original and I can't build a race truck. I am building a well functioning daily driver that will turn some heads and start some conversations, not a trailer queen. I am ok with that. I'm the kind of guy that no project of this magnitude is ever fully done, but always a work in progress that gets better and better as my skills and budget improve. Now I'm going to beat a dead horse and post some questions that might have been asked already but will hopefully get answered again by others and if/when I find the answers I will post with a good feeling deep inside knowing I might be able to help someone else out in the future!
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Re: Build on a budget R120

I agree with your approach, too many projects just sit because they are waiting for the money to do it perfectly. Just remember not to cut corners on critical safety items like brakes.

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