As we travel, it is nice to comment about where we are going and/or where we have been and all the IHC trucks that we have seen on our journeys.

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A little off the sides and leave the top.
This truck was one of several operated by WILKINSON STEEL in Vancouver at Frazer and Marine Drive. The warehouse at Frazer and Marine in Vancouver is about four city blocks, inside. On one of my visits to Wilkinson, the workers were cutting some steel plate that was about 24 inches thick. I was there picking up my order of a few (10) sheets of cold rolled 18 gauge. My order may well have been one of the smallest, for Wilkinson, in years.
The location at 888 SE Marine drive appears to be vacant.
I was having my Mc'D b'fast when this Big Binder stopped in the next parking lane.
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Interesting. It looks like a modified S series cab. Notice the 4 of 5 clearance lights above the windshield.

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I remember Loadstar's that were made that way, had an escape hatch in the roof. Used to be a common sight at Edgecomb Steel. I wondered which came 1st the "carrydeck crane" (Broderson) or the Loadstars?
One place I worked needed to get a long length of schedule 160 pipe. Mike took the company pick-up to go fetch it. He was from England and when he drove back into the yard, we didn't see any pipe. Unlike the common practice here of loading the pipe over the roof, he tied it up under the trucks undercarriage, he said that's how all long loads were handled in England. It made a lot of sense to me, I just never would have thought of it. It was low enough that there was little chance of someone running into it.

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