Old IHC dealership in Central Florida

As we travel, it is nice to comment about where we are going and/or where we have been and all the IHC trucks that we have seen on our journeys.

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Old IHC dealership in Central Florida

There was a IHC dealership that was closed down about twenty years ago.From the stories I have been told,a fire destroyed some or part of the buildings.Some of the inventory suffered smoke damage and the owner wanted to sell them this was after the insurance company paid off. The insurance company was not going to allow this so the old man closed the gates and would not allow any one in the place.After awhile he passed away and some of the family wanted to go in and salvage what they could.The owners wife was not having any of that until the state bought the property to put a new road through.This lady is in her ninetys and she contracted with a salvage company to come in to clean up the place.I had been up there to see if I could get any information on is place and look through the fence and drool at the old trucks and cars that have been held captive inside that locked up lot for years now.I talked with a local that ran a salvage yard across the road from the dealership about the history about a month before I got the phone call to tell me they were in there wrecking out the inventory.I was working and could not get over there for a couple of days. Now let me back up and tell y'all what was behind the fence.There was several IHC pickup truck in different states of disrepair and rust,I counted eight scouts and just about as many IHC,I think they are called Travealls .This not to mention IHC tractors and cub cadets some brand new the cardboard boxes rotted off of them,parts laying all over the three acres.The oldest truck was a 49 Chevy step side 58 Apache ,two plymouth cars from the fiftys and one Rambler station wagon and one Studebaker station wagon.There were several days that my brothers a cousin and several friends spent getting as much as we could afford.The painful part was the salvage dcompany was in there with clam shell loaders wrecking the stuff out and hauling it to the scrap yard.There was one guy that came and was cutting the front ends off of those old trucks to make wall hangers.I was sick. Also there was a large dealership neon sign in good shape that my cousin bought.It is all gone now!

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Re: Old IHC dealership in Central Florida

It is a shame that this happens like it did, more parts lost to those who would want them. It happens all to often.. As for the insurance not letting him sell the stuff, all he had to do was process a storage claim against them after a time, they either have to come "clean" out the stuff they "paid off" or relinquish ownership back to him for "storage" fees. It is a shame.

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