"40 Tanker conversion

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"40 Tanker conversion

Way back when I was in school, I did not especially like giving book reports. This report is a little different and if I'd had the technology then we have today, I might have gotten better grades on them. Whenever my wife is feeling under the weather, she usually stays in the bedroom and watches TV there. Today is one of those days and I get to watch more manly shows like MotorTrend TV. The show, Texas Metal, is about the guys at Ekstensive Custom Creations (yes, I spelled it the way they do), Houston, Texas who ordinarily create high dollar, extreme, custom trucks. Today's episode revolved around a '40 International D model water tanker that Republic Environmental Services had that only had about 10k miles on it. It had been sitting protected for many years and was in pretty decent shape. The guys at Republic decided they wanted something special done with the truck and, of course, it needed to fit the Republic Services corporate image. The guys at Ekstensive had full creative leeway to create something special. They decided it needed to be converted into a bar-b-que party truck. The front of the truck would be essentially restored, but the tank would get a lot of attention. They did not show a lot of details about restoring the engine, brakes, etc., but, as you can see in the photos, they didn't short change it at all.
Some details of the tank conversion: right side is cold side, left side is hot side, the rear became a beer cooler, dual, automatic sun shades extend upward from the middle. All the doors are hydraulic activated.
Now for the part that would have gotten me (maybe) better grades in school. Thanks to modern technology of pause, rewind and fast forward, I was able to get photos off the TV to show here, instead of just having to paint a picture with words. (A picture is worth a thousand ........etc.). Taking pictures off the TV does not exactly give the best result, however. Maybe you'll get the idea though.
Starting point
The reveal
Looking good
This is the part that was the highlight of the show
Paint, chrome, and new rubber makes quite a show
All prettied up and ready to go
Hydraulically actuated doors all around
Provisions for provision
Right side gives plenty of space for the cooler foods
Left side is the hot side with two expansive bar-b-que grills fired with propane
Dual electric sun shades extend upward and out to cover both sides
Rear hinges down and is the beer cooler
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Re: "40 Tanker conversion

I like it! Nice job and some nice engineering!

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