Post Sat Aug 15, 2020 5:15 pm

C Series lesson learned

Just a little something I ran across today during some assemble. Back story: Like most of these olde wooden framed cabs. There was little left of the original. Hense she comes apart some what differently than originally put together and leaves little clue behind to help with assembly when it all falls apart in your hands. Assembly starts with the cowl/firewall bolted with 3.5" 3/8th carriage bolts, 2" springs, castle nuts, and cotter pins to the frame at the A pillar with maybe 1/8" welt between the wallfall panel and the cowl mount point. Then the cab can come in from behind and slide forward to capture the cowl/firewall. You can drop the cab down to the cowl/firewall if you leave the "C" channel braces off the cab. But the cowl still has to be first. Leaving the braces off creates a problem in that if the two carriage bolts that hold it in place spin. You have little recourse for a fix except to maybe slit the thread end of the bolt and hold it like a screw head while tightening the nut. There is no access to the other end as its captured behind the nailed down sill from the top and the bottom edge. I should probably make a video of all this to clear up any confusion. But I doubt to many of these are being restored anyway. But there you have it. Lesson learned in a nut shell. Bolt Cowl on first.