Post Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:06 pm

Iowa IH salvage yard

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While driving thru central Iowa I came across some 40's K series pickups parked with other salvage vehicles in front of a 4x4 business and salvage yard near Pella, Iowa. I've visited twice in the past month to look for parts. There are a variety of International 30's, 40's and 50's pickups and larger light trucks. Since I have obtained what I have needed for parts I would like to share the location of this salvage yard so the remaining IHC vehicles can be saved. A couple of the pickups have had the front end sheet metal cut off for wall art. There are some whole vehicles that are in fairly good restorable shape. One truck that looked interesting was a 50's all wheel drive long bed pickup. The owner Doug Verschuure is really good to talk with about the vehicles and negotiating prices.
The salvage yard is at: Doug's 4-Wheelers, 1211 Hwy 163, Pella Iowa 50219. It is 4 miles East of Pella, which is SouthEast of DesMoines. If you are driving in the area, be aware that the highway and local communities are heavily patrolled, so watch your speed!
I am attaching a couple of photos for a sample of what you will find there.
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