Especially for you Canadians

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Especially for you Canadians

Found this while looking for Warner trans parts,they also list differentials and drivelines.

Click Distributors they list 29 in Canada.
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Re: Especially for you Canadians

Three years ago, I had their Gears and Rears shop in Port Kells (96 Ave) supply and install a DYNATRAC system in our Ram 2500. The front axle bearing cartridges needed replacing and are not repairable. The DYNATRAC system returns the front axle to a time when a steering axle was adjustable and repairable. The kit includes a set of premium WARN HUBS.
It is sad really, with all of the progress there has been in pickup trucks in other areas, someone came up with newfangled bad idea that saves a few dollars for the manufacturers. Dodge Ram was not alone, they all went this route. The kit is MADE IN USA. I thought it was expensive, but not very much more than having the bad design replaced with more of the same.
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