466 in kb8

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Re: 466 in kb8

That set of videos are some of my favorites. I like old guys that know stuff. It is even better, for me, when the contents of the person are better than what the packaging might lead one to think.
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Freshly Restored

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Re: 466 in kb8

He lives in an abandoned mining town. I think he dresses like an old prospector,to play the part. He must make some SERIOUS COIN,to be able to restore that KB12 to such perfection,in only three years! The trucks on the trailer,and others sitting around the property,are almost as impressive. I say almost,just because that KB12 "TAKES THE CAKE"!! I wonder what happened to that Continental??


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Re: 466 in kb8

I'm back guys, got interrupted by life, I drug the old girl outside yesterday, going to get chassis stripped of unused hardware and get it blasted and primed so I can start making progress again, since I was on here last I have the 466 and transmission installed and adapter for driveshaft made and radiator made to fit inside the grill...

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