Post Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:24 am

RD vs. LV

I have a '69 Fleetstar that came with an RD under the hood. Later one came with an LV if gas and Detroit or Cummins if diesel.
The RD engine were dropped in the early 70's in favor of the LV 8's
Just wondering, If I were spec'ing a heavy gas back then I would have opted for the RD hands down over a LV. I guess I am in a minority in that respect. Does anyone know the story behind the LV out lasting the RD series?
On a side note, Back in the early 90's There was a trucking company still running a fleet of gas engine tractors, All either IHC LV's or Ford 534's. I was surprised to see them still soldiering on so many years after both companies had stop production. It wasn't just a few but a whole fleet of trucks (LaPort Transport or Transfer out of LaPort, IN). Rumor had it that the owner tried diesel when they 1st started to be put in heavy trucks and was "burned" by an engine failure, and vowed never to try another. I think they remained loyal to gasoline until the folded (like so many "brick and mortar" trucking companies did in the late 90's.