Finally it's done...

Early 50's IHC hot rods

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Yard Art
Yard Art

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Finally it's done...

I finally finished putting a 305 from a 1969 Camaro into my 1953 IH Travelall. It's been quite some time since I've posted some pics. The guys at the local exhaust shop were too happy to help get the right size pipes under ole Jenny (aka She -Hulk). Which means I still have my perfectly good running SD 220 sitting at the shop...I'll post pics of it to the classifieds soon. Looking to get $400-500 OBO for it. More pics to come.
305 motor in Jenny (480x640).jpg
Electrical failure. So now I need to look at the wiring from rooter to tooter.
sd 220 motor a.JPG
Jenny's new tips (480x640).jpg
Jenny pipes and torque converter (480x640).jpg
Jenny's turbo exhaust (480x640).jpg
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Re: Finally it's done...

Looks good.

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Golden Jubilee

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Re: Finally it's done...

I remember. You are the running shoe guy from New Orleans.
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Re: Finally it's done...

I know you’re happy to be on the road. As for your old motor, check with VWJake. Since his is now questionable, maybe he’ll be interested. Just saying.
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