Parts Manual for S ,L,R pickup trucks

Early 50's IHC hot rods

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Parts Manual for S ,L,R pickup trucks

I am looking for a parts manual for my S,L,and R model pickup s .I have looked on eBay and othe sites and have not found those manuals .I am sure IHC made that information is available I see list for other equipment they made . Please if you can let me know where to look I want a hard copy Thanks

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Re: Parts Manual for S ,L,R pickup trucks

Last week, I posted something about a parts and shop manual in Non-IHC/Second-hand store finds. Check it out. If this interests you, you live in Canada and your offer is acceptable maybe we can work out something. If you want to make an offer, you should use the PN or email through the forum. Click on nikkinutshop and go from there.
I got this manual from the auction of Pacific International Trucks, in Vancouver in about 1988 +/- I also had the winning bid on the anvil from the IH shop.
shop service and parts manual.jpg
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