1973 Loadstar...possible water truck

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Re: 1973 Loadstar...possible water truck

I would agree, but not sure how to do that. It could be put in the Library section maybe.


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Re: 1973 Loadstar...possible water truck

Yeah so that "deal" fell through. The "seller" decided to scrap the truck only after I found transport by pulling a few dozen friends into the mix who owed me one. Some "sellers" really REALLY suck. I think I'm done with Craigslist and Facebook ads. What a colossal waste of time. :t0119: It was just as well the truck would have been a real project!

I have decided to expand the search to the C series cargostars as well. Actually prefer them over the Loadstar. I like their options available with airbrakes and the Perkins 6 cyl diesel engines.

Anyone out there know where I can find a good one? Whats the best way to search for reputable people like me with good trucks for an honest deal or trade? Greg Egg :mrgreen:

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Re: 1973 Loadstar...possible water truck

Where are located, Greg? That may make any suggestions more worthwhile.

From what I have seen from a guy I follow on YouTube, the use of a self-contained engine/pump combo for water transfer might be far less trouble than a proper PTO/pump to run off of truck power. IF the equipment already exists, that's one thing, but to replicate from scratch, a Harbor Freight trash pump is only a few hundo.

My 73 Loadstar needed new front shoes and cylinders, new lines and rebuilding the rear cylinders, all done by me with help from this site, especially CB89. I have yet to rehang the Hydroboost and bleed the system out- too short on time during farming seasons. I hope to have it hauling this harvest.

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Re: 1973 Loadstar...possible water truck

IIRC he is in upstate NY.

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