Post Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:28 pm

Clyde Berkshire museum auction last weekend

Did anyone go to the Clyde Berkshire auction last Friday/Saturday in Royal Center, Indiana? Have not seen it mentioned anywhere on this forum, beleive he was a huge collector of anything IHC, years ago ran an IHC dealership. Had all sorts from tractors, tools, parts, signs and vehicles, all kinds of memorabilia etc. Didn't seem that widely publicised, thought i would see some reference to it on here somewhere. If anybody went, would be interested in knowing please the condition and prices achieved for the 48? KB1 and the L110 pickups. Was interested in leaving bids on either of these trucks but had no help from the auction company with forthcoming information, photos etc. Even though they promised several times they were not interested. In the end when i had rang several times i was told there were no vin plates on the trucks, i was not convinced by their interest/knowledge and told them where the plates should be and then was told the KB1 did have a vinplate and title, the other did not. They agreed to send pics of the KB1 truck and when they came the pics were of a completely different truck. I did not have any confidence in the people i was dealing with and decided not to leave bids. People on other sites were saying the same type of thing. Thought it was a shame for buyers and certainly the seller.
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