Only $9,500.00!

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Golden Jubilee
Golden Jubilee

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Post Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:06 pm

Only $9,500.00!

56 S120 4x4,

Golden Jubilee
Golden Jubilee

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Re: Only $9,500.00!

If the cost to buy was one dollar or ten thousand dollars, it pales in comparison to what a person is going to spend on a proper restoration. Of course, any saving up front is a bonus.
Here is the realty check. A proper safe restoration should eat $30- 40,000 out of your budget. If anyone does not think so, they are kidding themselves. There is no Santa and no Easter Bunny, either.
I am out of pocket nearly $18,000 on my L110 Shorty 4X4 Diesel and I need to come up with that much again, plus
I would rather have tools I do not need than to need tools I do not have
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Rusty Driver
Rusty Driver

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Re: Only $9,500.00!

I agree NNS. Also not many people looking to restore a dump truck to take out during a cruise around town!

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