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Thanks for the add

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Hey guys thanks for the adding me in the group. I do not own but I am currently working on a metro van that has been parked at the edge of a field in my home town for 30+ years. The man who got it pulled it to his house and we pulled the plugs filled the cylinders with trans-fluid and diesel turned the engine over by hand. once we knew it wasn't locked up we drained all the fluids. Rewired ignition system ram temporary fuel tank and electric pump, i had to install set and time the engine something easier said then done because apparently timing marks can be seen at the rear of the motor. but when we hit tdc no marks were present. i used test light to get mt spark set at tdc, then feeler gauge to set the point gap and timing light with a chalk line i drew to set distributor to 4 btdc. Today i finally got to see and hear this truck run after 30+ years of sitting. I haven't figured out how to post pictures to the group yet once i do ill upload a few pics to give you guys an idea of what we are working on. The best i can tell its a metro van 1952 to 1954 (have not been able to locate a year) with a strait six sd 220 engine and standard transmission. Thanks again for the add some of your post have been a life saver.

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Re: Thanks for the add

If the Data plate is still in it, and it is the original, it should match the chassis number and the engine number(if engine has not been replaced) You should be able to find the chassis number on the drivers side frame rail from about the steering box forward. It is a hand stamped number, it will probably be covered by years of grime and they are not deep, but they are 1/2" tall. Once you find that chassis number, you can narrow down year of manufacture on this page: ... 529/rec/15 1949-1952 LM or 1953-1955 RM or 1955-1958 SM
Hope this helps you some.

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