Resurrecting the '48 KB1

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Resurrecting the '48 KB1

Helo All,
I am back. Its been a long time since I've talked to all you guys at OLDIHC. Glad to see you are all still wild about Internationals!

Jim and Pappy and so many of you helped me greatly back in early 2000's and I appreciate you guys so much!

I put everything on hold as I have been Caregiver and support for family when they became ill, a long road for them for sure.

But I wouldn't do anything differently.

I inherited the KB from my Dad who passed in 1979 and I miss him dearly to this day

History of the truck;
My Dad worked for Texaco (25 yrs) Chelsea, MA delivering diesel throughout Boston 5A-5P.

My notes: He first saw the truck at Andews and Pearce Trucking (1960?). They used it as a fleet service truck. Every day he admired it and thought it was a gem. One day during delivery, the truck was gone. He asked about it and they said they traded it for a newer truck. They told him where it was and he went there and purchased it for $150.00

Originally Adirondack green, but my Dad was a firefighter so he painted it Fire Engine Red. He was proud to represent Groveland Fire Dept and it towed the handtub (veto) in many local and Boston parades
He was a farmer also, and so it was mainly used on the farm all throught the 60s 70s. until he passed in 1979.

I decided to restore it in 2004. It was almost complete when I parked it in the barn.

So I am back at it. And again I am in need of your expert advice.

I need muffler and tail pipe. Unable to find diagram anywhere. Did the tail pipe come out the back or passenger side?

Also, need oil filter. Jim told me way back (email 2/9/01)
Quoting..."the Napa 1011 should work but said there were different sizes of housings
4 to be exact, I run the 1011 in my KB5".

Is Jim still here?

I will look forward to talking woth you all again soon.


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Re: Resurrecting the '48 KB1

Kate, Welcome. Some of the old guard are still hanging around. Jim is not so involved anymore. I am current Admin, at least I try. We had a major software issue back in 2011, not our fault, the site host was hacked and took out a bunch. We Have been back up just after the crash and old members are still finding their way back. Check the Library section, there might be a good link to a manual for the KB's. If you post up in the KB section, you will get more responses. Posting pictures of the things you need will help those of us who are visual oriented. We do love pictures of the trucks!

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