Who can you recommend?

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Freshly Restored
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Who can you recommend?

I have to pick up some parts in Richmond, California and bring them home to Van Nuys, California. I will need a small pickup or van as there is too much to fit in the trunk of a car. Who can you recommend or who have you rented a truck from at a reasonable rate? U-Hall charges mileage, so I don't want to use them.
Recommendations, anyone?
Thank you.

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Rusty Driver

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Re: Who can you recommend?

Try the trucks from home depot or lowes. i don't think they charge mileage just for the time.
Also try enterprise rental. they will rent pickup trucks. You might be able to get a weekend deal with no mileage.
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Re: Who can you recommend?

I don't think HD or Lowes would take to kindly the their trucks running almost 400 miles one way. Then he'd still have to return it.
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Re: Who can you recommend?

"I" Dono? about where? you are~--but Here in MAINE--BUDJET DAYS & Milage only--its FULL when you take it--You fill it UP upon return--& PAY the Milage-- We had a Truck break down in Travis City Mich---We rented anS-10 chevy pick up--drove to Augusta from Portland--{60} miles--picked up our tools--& headed to Mich--21 hours latter--we were there!--my son drove all the way!--none stop except for GAS & lunches--We got the Marmon running--drove to a truck stop--Slept--next DAY!--finished Tinkering--Ate--& continued Home!--Augusta,Maine--both ran Good!--S-10 had CAL plates--ran super!--dropped it off Locally--Don*t remember?? the COST??--But-it was very reasonable!--three rental fee days & three tanks of GAS!--my driver had an Appendix Attack--three days in the hospital--I flew Him Home!--&We serviced the Marmon while He was Laid UP!--those were the DAYS!--jim-- :h21014:

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