Post Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:09 pm

Looking for tail light options

Years ago, I bought reproduction Ford tail lights (for a 1930's Ford) for my 1958 A-102. They're round, chrome and have a red glass lens and 1157 bulb. I'm happy with the looks, but not with the socket. Multiple times a year, I have to unscrew the lens and move around with the bulb to get it to light. I've tried different types of conductive grease, bending the socket so it makes better contact with bulb, lightly scraping contacts, but nothing works for more than a little while. So before I take the truck out, I have to do a walk around to check lights, pull lens and fiddle with bulb. I was going to try and replace the socket but they're press-fit in. Any other nice looking options available? I'm looking for something nicer than the generic trailer lights that you can find everywhere.